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  • Allergies and itching
  • Dry skin, dandruff, scratching
  • All skin-related symptoms

For dog and cat
Natural health product that helps maintain the integrity of the skin.

No artificial colour / Gluten-free / Sugar-free / No flavour

Directions for use:

Under 20 lb / 10 kg. : 5 drops
Over 21 lb / 11 kg. : 10 drops

Shake the bottle before use. Add 5 or 10 drops in a glass of water depending on the weight of your pet. Take back 5 or 10 drops of this glass of water and put it in the mouth on the side of the cheek or on a treat. Do not put in his water bowl.

Give 3 times a day or according to the recommendations of a veterinarian. Decrease doses with improvement. Do not prolong use beyond 3 months.

FAST ACTION : Give 5 to 10 drops ½ hours and decrease the frequency from improvement. Do not exceed 3 consecutive dosages. If symptoms worsen, consult your veterinarian. 

Active ingredients : Apis mellifica 5CH, Arnica montana 5CH, Belladonna 5CH, Calcarea fluorica 6CH, Echinacea angustifolia 12CH, Hypericum perforatum 12CH, Ledum palustre 5CH, Millefolium 12CH, Staphysagria 5CH, Symphytum officinalis 5CH.

Non-medicinal ingredients : Alcohol 10%, Purified Water.

Cautions: If adverse reactions occur or health deteriorates, consult a veterinarian. Do not use in pregnant or lactating females except on the advice of a veterinarian. Do not use if safety seal is broken. Store at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

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Derma Care

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