• Laxative Paste


○ To gently evacuate hairballs
○ Lubricates and softens hairballs
○ To avoid vomiting due to hair licking
○ Natural ingredients for health, without mineral oils
○ Good to taste, chicken flavour


Your cat needs a laxative paste to help him evacuate the excess hair that he ingests by licking himself. During his grooming he swallows good amounts of hair in his stomach. If they are not evacuated by the natural ways, they form a ball, which ends up irritating the stomach and will make your cat vomit. These balls of hair are also called trichobezoards. Our hairball product contains a non-irritating intestinal lubricant to gently remove these hairs naturally.


Hairball is a laxative paste with no chicken-flavoured mineral oils that is used to flush hair through natural ways.


Hairballs biggest danger is obstruction, or even bowel occlusion, which may require surgery.


Squeeze 1 cm (1/2 inch) of dough on your finger or on a plate and have your cat lick it. Otherwise put in its mouth or on a front paw.

INTENSIVE: 2 times a day between meals for 3–4 consecutive days.

PREVENTIVE: Give 3 times a week or as needed.

Natural ingredients complex: Malt syrup, sunflower oil, water, acacia gum, coconut oil, chicken natural flavours..

CAUTION: Do not give to kittens of less than 6 months old.


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Laxative Paste

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