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Professional Canadian products

for animal health and well-being.

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The expertise and customer experience we offer, including consulting, training and product customization, to improve the quality of life of your faithful companions, who will remain healthier as a result.

Proven effectiveness

The superior and proven performance of our products through a therapeutic approach. We help dogs and cats live comfortable and healthy lives with innovative, effective products that are adapted to all their needs.

Certified by Health Canada

Our products are appreciated because they work. They are certified by Health Canada; our formulas contain safe and effective natural active ingredients that produce visible and proven results.

Proudly made in Canada

Proudly made in Canada, our animal products have been developed with passion by a team of experts for over 20 years. They are available in one of the 450 points of sale near you.

Cat and dog


You want to know more about your pets, whether it is to help them with health or behavioral problems, or even simply to know more about activities to do with them.

Come and discover our columns on these various subjects, written by professionals in the animal health field.

Dog production


This video section is specially designed to train you on our products in order to help you direct your customers to the right products and help you with your sales.

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