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Confidentially and privacy policy


All transactions on www.zanimo.com are completed on a secure server that uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to prevent data from being intercepted during transit from your computer to the server. If a yellow lock appears in the transaction pages at the bottom of your browser, be sure to confirm that the page and data transmission settings are secure.

Zanimo does everything in its power to meet the highest standards of online security in order to prevent unauthorized third parties from intercepting data during the ordering process.

Accuracy of information

Zanimo strives to ensure that all information on its website is accurate. However, it is possible that errors, typos, inaccuracies, omissions and other types of errors may occur.

The photos of products on the website may differ from reality, often due to differences in the way colours appear on computer screens. Photos of products are provided as a reference only.
Zanimo cannot be held accountable for inaccurate or incomplete information on its website.

Zanimo cannot guarantee that the products and services on its website will be available when ordered or after the order is placed.

Prices displayed on the website

The prices on our website are displayed in Canadian currency, so you will be billed in Canadian dollars. 

Where applicable and unless otherwise stated on our website, please note that transportation and delivery fees, along with applicable sales taxes, will be added to your bill.

Prices displayed on the website are subject to change without notice.


When you place an order, you agree to pay the full price of your purchases (price of the product, delivery fee and applicable taxes), as displayed on the website at the time of your order. You also agree to honour your contract with the institution that issued your credit card.


Defective products

Limited liability

In all cases in which Zanimo's liability can be confirmed and proven, the latter will be limited to paying a cash amount equal to the price paid for the services or products that were returned.

Intellectual property and authorized use of the website

The www.zanimo.com website is intended for personal use and legal purposes only.

All content on the www.zanimo.com website (text, logos, buttons, images, photos, icons, videos, audio samples, software, applications) are the exclusive property of Zanimo, its suppliers or parties with the right to use Zanimo. This content is protected under Canadian and international copyright and intellectual-property law. As a result, all partial or full reproduction is strictly forbidden without Zanimo's written consent.

External websites

The website may include links to other websites to complement the information provided. These other websites are independent of Zanimo and we are not liable for them or their activities and policies. If you use these other sites and do business with their owners, you are doing it at your own risk and Zanimo cannot be held liable for any issues that arise while using these sites.

Changes to policies herein

Zanimo may, at its sole discretion, change the policies herein at any time and without prior notice. You may in no way change or modify these policies.

Applicable laws and dispute settlement

The policies herein are subject to laws in the Canadian province of Quebec, along with federal laws in Canada. Any dispute between you and Zanimo must be resolved before Quebec's courts, in the City of Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, Canada. In the case of any disputes, you must irrevocably defer to the exclusive jurisdiction of these courts.