j'ail have developed these high quality products to provide health and well-being to pets

As of October 2021, the look of the Zanimo brand is no longer the same. Major changes have been made: a new logo reflects the high-end status of the brand, the colors, the animals and the label style have been redefined. For regulars, it will be easy to find their favorite product, as the team has set up seven categories with distinctive colors. The Zanimo brochure has also been given a makeover, and will be a great help in discovering the benefits of each product and will serve as a daily reference guide. "We help dogs and cats live a comfortable and healthy life with innovative, effective products adapted to all their needs. It's our way of giving them back the love they deserve," added Manon and François.

Among these categories, we find : Joints, Skin and Coat, Ears, Eyes, Teeth and Digestion, Grooming, Specialty and Homeopathy. The products offer a synergy of ingredients in all formulas to maximize the effects and offer simple and effective solutions. For most products, results are visible within 10 days. From joint pain relief to hair loss, ear and eye care, there are also toothpastes, perfumes, shampoos and laxative paste. They are all adapted to the specific needs of dogs and cats.

One of the best sellers is Articulations with collagen and glucosamine, the flagship product of Zanimo's Articulations line. It is composed of six active ingredients: collagen, glucosamine HCL, chondroitin and three natural anti-inflammatories. It contributes to the health of ligaments, muscles, bones and cartilage, while promoting joint flexibility and reducing pain. The results are remarkable and fast. Available in liquid form, its taste is appreciated by dogs and cats.

The homeopathic product line acts more specifically on the emotions and well-being of the animal. These products help reduce the stress your cat or dog is experiencing, particularly separation anxiety. The product Calm Emotion helps maintain emotional and physical balance. It helps prevent and regulate anxiety, fear or discomfort. We also find Déplacements, a formula that helps relieve symptoms due to the animal's transportation: stress, fear, trembling and excess salivation to name a few.

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