Donations and commitments

At Zanimo we have been committed to animal welfare since 1999. Every year we help many animal related organizations and it makes us happy.

We support many pet-related activities by participating in competitions or by offering gifts for podiums or contests in order to benefit as many people as possible and especially to encourage them.

Zanimo is proud to have supported MIRA by offering free products to foster families and beneficiaries worth $70,000

We regularly donate products to animal shelters of all kinds in order to help and support them in their mission. These products will be appreciated for the quick results they provide on the health and well-being of pets. It is our way of thanking those shelter owners who protect and care for animals in need.

Regularly, we hold raffles on our social networks to let pet owners know about our products, which helps keep their pets healthy.

Zanimo is faithful every year to offer a donation for Mondou-Mondon. This cause is close to our hearts because together we can make a difference in the lives of these sensitive beings we love so much.