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Hypoallergenic dogs to keep from sneezing

Hypoallergenic dogs to keep from sneezing

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Many dog lovers would like to adopt a dog but are unable to do so because they suffer from allergies to canines. Fortunately, this frustrating situation is not inevitable, as there are hypoallergenic dogs. 

However, breeds that are considered hypoallergenic can still trigger allergies in some individuals. In these humans, sneezing and wheezing are caused by a protein that is attached to the dead cells - dander - of the animal's skin. Therefore, because their fur sheds less, hypoallergenic dogs produce less dander.

For all of you who suffer from dog allergies, I've found 19 breeds that can help you live happily with a canine!

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1. Affenpinscher

A German dog, the Affenpinscher has a reputation for being a loyal, affectionate and fun dog. Because it is small in size and does not need much exercise, it makes a good house dog. Its coat is thick and of medium length. It is recommended to brush him twice a week. Its weight is between 4 and 6 kg, and its height is between 25 and 30 cm. 

2. Basenji

This dog originates from Africa and has a glossy short-haired coat. It sheds very little and does not shed. Brushing once a week with a soft brush or a rubber grooming glove is enough to maintain its coat. On the other hand, the basenji needs a lot of exercise. It weighs between 9.5 and 11 kg, and its height ranges from 40 to 43 cm. 

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Hungarian Shepherd or Puli​
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3. Hungarian Shepherd or Puli

Like many sheepdogs, the Puli is very close to its human family and is very protective of them. Originally from Hungary, they are agile, reliable and intelligent. His dreadlocks are his trademark. The Puli requires time for grooming, but also for training. Its weight is between 10 and 15 kg, and its height goes from 37 to 44 cm. 

4. Bichon frise

Bichons, originally from France, have a silky, curly coat that grows continuously. It does not shed, but still needs regular grooming. He has an endearing personality and adapts well to family life and children. Its weight is between 3 and 4 kg, and its height goes from 22 to 35 cm. 

bichon frise

5. Havanese

This adaptable, intelligent, outgoing and sociable dog makes a very good city dog. Originally from Cuba, its silky coat can be of different colors. It is possible to leave its fur in its natural state or to braid it into dreadlocks like the Hungarian Shepherd. It weighs between 4 and 6 kg, and its height ranges from 23 to 27 cm. 

6. Maltese

The Maltese originated in Melita, Sicily. A rat hunter, its origins date back to antiquity. Their hair needs daily brushing to prevent knots from forming in their long white fur. Very agile and active, the Maltese is a guardian and is not afraid of anything. They can be stubborn but respond well to reward-based training. It weighs between 3 and 4 kg, and its height ranges from 21 to 25 cm. 

bouvier des flandes

7. Bouvier des Flandes

A massive dog of uncertain origin (Belgium or France), the Bouvier des Flandres is energetic and needs space for its daily activities. It sheds very little, but it is still necessary to take the time to brush it once or twice a week. Despite his playful and happy nature, he can be stubborn and is therefore not a recommended breed of dog for a novice owner. However, once trained, he becomes a tender and protective companion to his family. Their weight is between 27 and 40 kg, and their height ranges from 59 to 68 cm. 

8. Poodle

This breed originated in Germany and was popularized in France in the 16th century. The poodle is the quintessential hypoallergenic dog. Whether large, miniature or royal, its fur does not shed and is ideal for a person who suffers from allergies. They are a wonderful companion, athletic, extremely intelligent and remarkably versatile. Poodles are also easy to train, which makes life easier. Depending on the type of poodle, their weight ranges from 1 to 100 kg, and their height ranges from 15 to 80 cm. 

Chinese Crested Dog​

9. Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is known to be playful, affectionate and completely devoted to its master and household. They are very adaptable to the family's habits. There are two varieties of Chinese Crested Dogs, the hairless and the fluffy. These two varieties have a puff on the head that we recommend brushing every day. It weighs between 2 and 5 kg, and its height ranges from 25 to 32 cm.

10. Portuguese Water Dog

This medium-sized dog is affectionate and adventurous, as well as athletic, which makes it perfect for active families. His coat is wavy, soft and thick. Although it does not shed, regular maintenance is recommended. Its weight is between 16 and 27 kg, and its height ranges from 43 to 47 cm.

Portuguese Water Dog​
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Coton de Tulear

11. Coton de Tulear

This small white dog with a long fleece is said to have originated from the island of Madagascar. He hardly sheds at all, but he needs to be brushed every day. Charming, intelligent and of a happy character, he is funny and likes to play the clown. The relationship between this companion and his master is often very close. It weighs between 3 and 6 kg, and its height is between 23 and 28 cm. 

12. Irish Water Spaniel

An active and energetic hunting dog, he likes to please, which makes him easy to train. They will fit in with an active household. The maintenance of the Irish Water Spaniel is not demanding, its curly and water-repellent coat requires a brushing every two to three weeks. It can also be trimmed every two months. It weighs between 21 and 30 kg, and its height ranges from 53 to 61 cm. 

 Irish Water Spaniel​
Shih Tzu or lion dog

13. Shih Tzu or lion dog

Its origins are Tibetan, it is a cross between a Lhasa-Apso and a Pekingese. The Shih Tzu does not shed much, but it must be brushed often. Loyal, playful and affectionate with children, it is a great pet whether you live in an apartment or in a house with a yard. It weighs between 4 and 7 kg, and its height ranges from 20 to 28 cm. 

14. Schnauzer

Like the poodle, there are three varieties of Schnauzer, miniature, standard and giant. The Schnauzer originates from the Tyrol in the south of the Аllеmаgnе. It has two layers of hair: one near the skin that is soft and dense, and the other rougher on the outside. This very sociable, intelligent and bubbly dog is great with children. Depending on the type of Schnauzer, its weight ranges from 7 to 46 kg, and its height ranges from 33 to 70 cm. 

American Hairless Terrier

15. American Hairless Terrier

This curious and playful little dog is protective. Originating from the United States, it can be an excellent watchdog. It is characterized by the absence of hair or very short hair. His grooming is minimal, once a week a wet washcloth and occasionally a bath. Its weight is between 2.5 and 12 kg, and its height ranges from 18 to 41 cm. 

16. Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier has a curly coat that sheds very little. However, their coat grows quickly and needs to be shorn regularly. It is loyal, gentle, endearing and rather active and lives very well surrounded by a family. Its weight is between 8 and 10 kg, and its height goes from 38 to 41 cm. 

Bedlington Terrier
Irish Soft Coated Terrier or Wheaten

17. Irish Soft Coated Terrier or Wheaten

The Wheaten has a particularly silky coat that needs to be brushed often to prevent tangles. This cheerful, affectionate and devoted dog is a bit stubborn. However, it makes a great family companion, but requires time for proper training. It weighs between 35 and 45 kg, and its height is between 44 and 47 cm. 

18. Terrier Kerry Blue

Originally from Ireland, the Kerry Blue Terrier is a lively, courageous and excellent swimmer. They do not shed their hair. Despite this, they need to be brushed once a week and their fur trimmed every month. Very attached to his master, he will follow us in all your activities. Its weight is between 14 and 18 kg, and its height goes from 45 to 50 cm. 

Kerry Blue terrier
Xoloitzcuintle (Xolo) or Mexican Naked Dog​

19. Xoloitzcuintle (Xolo) or Mexican Naked Dog

This ancient breed can be either naked or coated, and it comes in three sizes: intermediate, miniature and standard. Lively, cheerful, very affectionate, with a good character, but calm, it is a pleasant companion. Naked dogs require a bath from time to time, followed by a body lotion. The furry Xolo needs to be brushed and combed regularly. It weighs between 5 and 14 kg, and its height ranges from 25 to 55 cm. 

One of the most common reasons for abandoning a dog in Canada is allergies. To avoid this kind of drama, there are many breeds and mixes considered hypoallergenic. These are gaining in popularity every year and with good reason. Thanks to the list above and the brief description of 19 hypoallergenic dogs that I have prepared for you, you will be able to select a furry companion that will not make you sick, but undeniably happy for life!

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