Coconut and Hemp is a dietary supplement that combines two oils with moisturizing and emollient properties for a beautiful, healthy coat. Coconut oil and organic hemp seed oil are rich in essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), vitamins and minerals. Its soothing, antioxidant formula helps relieve itching and scratching due to allergies.

Coconut and Hemp helps reduce hair loss while improving the absorption of good nutrients in the digestive system. It maintains healthy fur, nourishes the coat, and protects the skin. Essential fatty acids are key for optimal immune system health. Your dog or cat will enjoy the hazelnut flavour.

Skin: This semi-solid oil can also be applied to the skin to reduce redness and scratching.

It is made from natural ingredients, including pure, unrefined organic hemp seed oil and coconut oil.

It is suitable for use in all dog and cat breeds, from two months of age.

Instructions: Administer according to the pet’s weight. Mix with dry, canned, or raw food.




Give once a day, three times a week, or as needed.

Give once a day, for one month.

1-10 lb.
1-5 kg

11-30 lb.
6-15 kg

31-50 lb.
16-24 kg

51-80 lb.
25-34 kg

81+ lb.
35+ kg


1/4 tsp. (1.5 ml)

1/2 tsp. (2.5 ml)

1 tsp. (5 ml)

1 1/2 tsp. (7,5 ml)

2 tsp. (10 ml)

Warning: Do not give to pregnant or nursing females. If side effects occur, consult a veterinarian. Keep out of reach of children.

Data sheet

Cat, Dog
Allergies, Dermatitis, Dry skin, Energy and endurance, Hair loss, Heart, Hot Spots, Itching, Rashes
Unrefined coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, natural vitamin E

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Combine Coconut and Hemp with Hair Loss for rapid and remarkable results.

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